The International Private University of Vietnam aims to serve the nation, provides transformational and experiential learning for students to help them creating integrity.



Bachelor Programs is an interdisciplinary program to develop your knowledge with the enhancement of practical and theoretical skills. We offer a variety of bachelors program depends on your area of study as listed below;

  • BBA Program
  • BS (Honors) Accounting and Finance
  • BS (Honors) Economics and Finance
  • BS Entrepreneurship Program
  • BS Industrial Management
  • BS Logistics and Supply Chain Management
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Our Master Degree Program is an advanced degree for completion of graduate study to guide them in a specific discipline. We offer numerous academic, professional, and personal benefits to the one who has graduated from the Bachelor Program.

  • General MBA
  • MBA in Finance & Accounting
  • MBA in Leadership & Human Resources Management
  • MBA in International Business & Marketing
  • MBA in Operations & Logistics Management
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There is a misconception that distance learning PROGRAMs are mostly for certificate courses or short-term courses. However, you may find a distance learning program not only for short courses but also for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees.

Our flexible approach offers you a range of study options:

You can study by distance, online and flexible learning, which allows you to combine your studies with work or other commitments.

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Why Choose Us

We value integrity, academic excellence, diversity, and student-centeredness to grow the experience of students. At the International Private University of Vietnam, we respect, acknowledge, and celebrate the differences.

We aim to deliver education ethically and with integrity and support the professional integrity, character development, spirituality, wellness of all students.

We offer the experience to explore the values at the core, of who we are and who we want to be

We believe to follow the bright course, and engage our employees in doing supportive work and deliver knowledge with experience.

With the variety of courses and subjects for Graduation Degree Programs and Master Degree Programs, we offer diversified subjects