We believe that there is no substitute for social development, knowledge enhancement, and transformational learning that takes place through the college experience. To fulfil this desire, we adapt the compelling vision, distinctive and desirable values to endorse the new vision and mission.



IPUOV continues the mission and vision of the founder by offering educational facilities to learners and students that bring the strength to our nation and allow them to help humanity. From the year 2001, we work for a dream to promote a higher standard of moral and intellectual culture. IPUOV has grown from a small institution of education to this renowned college welcoming diverse students to enrol themselves in Bachelors's and Master’s Degree Programs. In its early years, this college offered instruction in major subjects, having the original goal to educate people. By time passing, we face adversity and organised success to generate careers in specified fields



Our mission is to educate students to act humanitarian, think critically, and cultivate meaningful lives. By having a distinctive, desirable, compelling vision, we serve the nation and the world.



We promote a diverse and inclusive learning community where students can live, work, learn, teach, and grow by experiential learning. Our vision is to develop the purpose, integrity, and potential to lead professional life.