DistanceLearning Program



Usually, most students choose to follow their Bachelor’s degree in the traditional format, attending on-campus classes, whether in their home country or by going abroad. In the last years, however, more students have started to embrace the idea of online education.

We offer online Bachelor’s degree programs. You can find a great variety of programs from engineering, information technology, accounting to business, sales or literature. These programs are great opportunities for those who want to hold a diploma with the flexibility of choosing their own study hours.



After having obtained the undergraduate diploma you have to decide whether to directly start working or go on with your academic studies. With distance learning programs of IPUOV, you can do both. You may start working in the field you studied and pursue your Master’s degree to learn more about the subject you enjoy. This may even give you the chance to get a promotion.

More students choose to enrol in online Master degrees, compared to distance learning Bachelor and PhD programs. Moreover, you can find a wider range of online Master courses in terms of fields of study.