Registration Policy


Registration Policy

The student can apply for registration upon the submission of the written request of the registrar, who is responsible to register students.

The registration criteria are applicable to be submitted in the first half of the term.

All the certification and fee criteria are requested to hold in Program Director.

During the entire period of study, the student is requested to register once at that start of the course

The policy of IPUOV allows all students to enrol for a full-time course load of up to 18 semester hours of credit in any one semester.

Cancellation of Registration

  • IPUOV reserves the right to cancel the registration of students any time if found anything wrong or unacceptable for the institution.
  • If any student wishes to discontinue the classes, IPUOV can cancel the registration anytime in case of withdrawal
  • Submitting any wrong information in the admission process will result in the cancellation of admission or registration.  

Study load

Students must have registered in 9 credit hours, to consider as full-time students.

Students who have selected 6 credit hours are supposed to be part-time students

For the eligibility of a Master’s Degree, students must have a CGPA of 2.5.