Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

For many years, IPUOV has focused to promote enriched and enriched learning programs with the opportunity to have a learning facility in a reputed university like IPUOV. For the students, we have a 4-years complete degree program with a wide range of special programs, options to study intellectually, and community service opportunities. We also offer the focus towards the social and cultural activities to grasp the interest level of students.

In the Bachelor’s Degree Program, we offer;

  • BBA Program
  • BS (Honors) Accounting and Finance
  • BS (Honors) Economics and Finance
  • BS Entrepreneurship Program
  • BS Industrial Management
  • BS Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The purpose of this program is mainly for the students who are willing to look for a career in the field of management profession. The 4-years BBA program serves the need of those students who are heading towards the subject of business administration. With this course, the student can upgrade the management level development and increase the employability level by serving the community. The work practices are related to excel work and directed to improve interpersonal skills.

Specifically, in the BBA, we prepare students for management and leadership roles and unifies people about the services and products. The course helps the student to become a successful manager and develop interpersonal skills. We not only focus to learn but to lead students in the selected field.